Four Ways to Get Rid of the “Check Engine Light”

You may have encountered a “check engine light” that won't turn off after fixing its cause. Below are four methods that will help you decide whether or not to take it to the service center here at Dean Arbour Ford.

# 1: Drive to Let the Light Go Off By Itself

This method involves the normal driving of your car for three days. If the light doesn’t go off in that time, try the steps illustrated below.

# 2: Switch the Car On and Off Three Times

Most cars will reset fault codes after being turned on and off three times consecutively. Do this by turning your vehicle on and off for a second each time. Repeat this process for two more times. Drive normally and check to see if the light has reset.

# 3: Use An OBD Reader

Plug an ODB reader into your car's fuse box. Turn the reader on and press the “read” button to scan. Make note of returned error code(s). Then turn on the car and press the “erase” button on the ODB reader.

# 4: Disconnect Your Car's Battery

Disconnect the positive power cable from the battery and wait fifteen minutes to reconnect. Insert the ignition key and move it three times to the “on” position to clear vehicle emission data, flag data, and memory.

If you still have an illuminated check engine light, schedule a visit with our Pinconning, MI location for professional assistance.

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