Explore the Benefits of Buying and Leasing With Dean Arbour Ford

The decision of whether to buy or lease your next vehicle can be a difficult one to make. Both options have benefits and drawbacks that should be carefully considered in each individual circumstance. While buying allows the owner to have complete control over their vehicle, leasing can often save thousands of dollars in upfront costs, allowing somebody who would not otherwise be able to afford a new car to do so.

But one of the greatest benefits of buying a new car is that it allows for the complete customization and unlimited driving of that vehicle by the owner. Leased vehicles often have severe restrictions on what the driver can and cannot do. These often include tight restrictions on total mileage and the inability of the driver to change such things as the stereo system.

Our Ford dealership in Pinconning, MI is staffed by experts who understand these differences. Come in and talk with us today.

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