Play it smart: schedule a summer service appointment for your vehicle today

No matter the season, routine maintenance is important in extending your vehicle's lifetime. Every season has its specific caveats, and summer's tends to be extreme heat. That's why checking in on your vehicle before extensive summer travel is something we love doing for you here at Dean Arbour Ford.


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You can easily schedule a service appointment for your vehicle either online or by giving us a call. We'll happily address anything that needs attention right away as well as take care of the basics like oil changes and tire rotations, realigning your front end, checking up on your coolant and other engine fluids and so much more. Whatever your vehicle needs, even if it's serious repair work, we're your go-to people.

Hit the road without any surprises this summer. Schedule online or call us and speak with a technician at (800) 610-3779 today.

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